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A potent and intuitive GUI for UHARC with shell integration that enable powerful and quick file compression in order to save precious disk space

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When you want to send several files to your friends or you want to upload some documents onto the web, it is best to compress them to make sure they occupy as little space as possible – this way, the transfer process or the uploading take considerably less time. Such a tool that can compress your items is WinUHA, especially created for multimedia files.

A GUI for its powerful ancestor

WinUHA is basically a graphical user interface for UHarc, a compression archive format originally created for DOS which featured good results. Unfortunately, it does not support very large files (>2 Gb) so it should only be used on smaller files.

Intuitive interface makes it easy to use

WinUHA’s main window is well organized, being divided into two large panels: one for exploring the folders, and the second one for browsing through the contents of each directory, so as to select the files that need to be archived.

Keep archived files protected with a password

Despite its name, the software does not create only UHA archives, but also SFX ones, the type that you only need to double click to extract the contents. Regardless of the type of archive you choose to generate, you can protect it with a password of your choice to prevent unauthorized extraction.

Cleverly integrates in the context menu

When opening an UHA archive, this application not only allows you to extract its stored files, but it also displays details about the compression ratio and type, as well as the packed and the total sizes.

In addition, in order to speed up the process of archive creation, WinUHA also integrates within the Windows Explorer's context menu, so you only need to right click one or several files and easily create an archive. If you want to remove this entry from the context menu, you need to access the Options window and uncheck the corresponding box.

As a conclusion

To sum up, WinUHA can still prove to be a useful compression tool despite being based on an old archive format, as long as you do not use it on very large files. Its available features and intuitive interface let anyone quickly accommodate and still manages to provide aid in compression.

WinUHA was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 31st, 2014
WinUHA - WinUHA will provide users with a potent GUI for UHARC with shell integrationWinUHA - Users will be able to access options such as Save To or Compression within the Archive Selected Files windowWinUHA - The Compression section will offer a list of options like Store, ALZ-1/2/3, PPM or LZP standardsWinUHAWinUHAWinUHAWinUHAWinUHAWinUHAWinUHAWinUHA

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