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A small and fast software utility that creates ZIP archives and lets users extract files from them, running on low system resources

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Throughout the years, various compression utilities managed to make a name for themselves by offering speed and quality. Zip Files Opener is a compression utility that bundles limited features for creating ZIP archives and extracting content from ZIP files.

Plain visual elements

The interface is not particularly attractive but simple to navigate. In order to create a new archive, you have to specify a file name and directory, after which you can import files using a simplistic file manager, while having the possibility to sort selected items. However, you are not allowed to load folders.

The new ZIP archive is immediately created, and the extraction job is basic. There are no kind of options available, such as file encryption, compression ratio, or spanning method.

Keep archived files secured with a password

While Zip Files Opener supports a password protection feature for existing ZIP files, the key only works within this environment. For example, you are not prompted for a password when opening the ZIP archive with another compression utility.

Limited features keep it from being a pro

Other options of the program let you split and combine archives, open a file with a custom application, view file properties, delete items, as well as specify the minimum size for splitting. But this is where Zip Files Opener's functionality ends.

In conclusion

As far as results are concerned, Zip Files Opener delivers pretty big ZIPs compared to similar products, although it is light on the system resources. We have also come across some stability issues, as the tool popped up an error when exiting it. All in all, Zip Files Opener needs major improvements on all fronts before it considers to be taken seriously as a data compression application.

Zip Files Opener was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Zip Files Opener - This is the main window of Zip Files Opener where you can view the contents of any ZIP archive from your computer.Zip Files Opener - Zip Files Opener will allow you to easily add files to an existing archive or to a new one.Zip Files Opener - Zip Files Opener offers you the possibility to assign a password to the archives you create in order to protect their content.Zip Files Opener - Zip Files Opener will enable you to split a large archive in order to create several smaller files simply by specifying the minimum size of the splitting.

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