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Compression tool for older Windows versions, featuring support for many file types and a few advanced options, such as archive testing and EXE creation

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ZipItFast! is a compression tool capable of creating new archives with ZIP, TAR, Black Hole (BH), CAB, LHA, LHZ or JAR formats, as well as extracting files from archives with additional file extensions, like EXE, ACE, ARC, RAR, UUE and PACK. It comes loaded with a few advanced options, such as the ability to verify the integrity of archives and to create self-extracting files.

Rapid installation that requires your attention

The setup is a smooth operation. The only part of it which needs your attention is toward the end, when ZipItFast! offers to make some changes to your browsers. However, this offer can be easily declined to leave the original configuration intact.

Create new archives and extract files

At startup, the application offers to make archive file associations. Its interface looks a bit unusual but it is simple to figure out.

In order to create a new archive, you can specify its name and saving directory, pick the files and folders to include, choose the output format as well as tinker with settings in regard to file attributes (archive, compressed, hidden, zero attribute, read only, system file), deflate type (super fast, fast, normal, extra), directory storing mode (relative, absolute no drive, absolute, none), along with password.

An opened archive shows all contents in the main frame, together with details about the name, date and time, size, ratio, packed, folder, type and comment for each file. You can select one or more files and extract them to any location on the disk.

Other archive operations and program settings

It is possible to add or edit file comments, view and run files by setting console commands, test archives, rename or move archives to other locations, send them via the default desktop email client, and create EXE files. The main window can be set to stay on top of other frames, while file history can be cleared. You can change the view style and UI skin, customize file associations, integrate ZipItFast! into the Windows Explorer shell extension, and more.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool compresses archives and extracts files rapidly while remaining light on the system resources. However, it popped up a couple of errors and crashed during our evaluation while we were tinkering with its settings. On top of that, the interface needs some major improvements. But we must also take into account that ZipItFast! has not been updated for a long time and it is likely to have compatibility issues with later operating systems. It can be best used on older Windows versions.

ZipItFast! was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 2nd, 2014
ZipItFast! - ZipItFast!'s main window displaying the menu, toolbar and the archive manager and the navigation bar.ZipItFast! - The Action menu provides easy access to the program's main features including add, delete, extract and test archive.ZipItFast! - The View tab in the Configuration window lets you customize the application appearance settings according to your needs and preferences.ZipItFast! - The Custom Skins tab in the Configuration window allows you to change the toolbar buttons appearance.ZipItFast! - The System tab of the Configuration window lets you set the program's file associations and Windows Explorer's shell extension.ZipItFast! - In the Add Files... window you can choose what files to be added to the selected archive and the file attributes to be set.ZipItFast! - ThE Validity Test window shows the resuls of testing the archive's validity informing you of the errors found.ZipItFast! - The Favorites window enables you to set favorites archives to have easier access to them, providing other useful information about the selected file.

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