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A reliable program that allows you to view the time difference between many cities from around the world, the phases of the moon and several solar charts





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ActiveEarth offers you a world time clock with a day/night merge of NASA's Visible Earth satellite images in flat maps or a globe, with a row of user-definable clocks along the bottom.

You can customize the clocks from the lower panel, to different size and style or to display time for a certain city. You can view local time for world capital cities or add your own place by browsing the software's built-in city list.

ActiveEarth is an indispensable time utility. Along with the real time view of the day and night portions of the earth, ActiveEarth calculates astronomical data for each city; sunrise, sunset, moon rise and set, moon phase, etc.

You can set the program to display data for a specific time. ActiveEarth can even keep your PC's clock synchronized to an atomic time server.

ActiveEarth allows you to countdown to future astronomical events and to specify your own custom events. The program can play an alarm sound to help you remember a birthday or anniversary.

The program comes with a screen saver that ties into the main program. Your favorite clocks or countdown events can be displayed with your favorite map view while your PC is idle.
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
ActiveEarth - ActiveEarth is a user-friendly program that calculates local time all over the world and displays a map of the Earth.ActiveEarth - The program displays many clocks, representing the local time in selected regions, and allows you to add your own city.ActiveEarth - You can view the time difference between selected cities or a group of cities and customize the screen clocks.ActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarthActiveEarth

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