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A user-friendly piece of software designed to help you set up alarms and open an application at a custom time or turn off the computer

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Alarm Clock is a software application that you can use to schedule an alarm on your computer, or open an application at a particular time.

The advantages of being portable

Installation is not required for this tool, so it is portable. It means that you can place Alarm Clock on a removable device and run it on any computer. Also, your Windows registry keys remain intact.

Setting up alarms

The interface of the program is simple and intuitive. You can schedule multiple events by setting the date and time, or by switching to countdown mode.

In addition, you can specify the repetition (e.g. daily, yearly, non, every few minutes) and input a message.

But you can also choose a trigger for the alarm, between opening a file, application or link, turning off the computer or no reaction. The latter option can be replaced with "Speaker" (Alarm Clock will play a sound).

In the list, you can check out the date, time, repetition status, reaction and message of each event. When the alarm pops up, you can press the "Ok" button or set it to snooze for several minutes.

Configuration settings

In addition, you can view a log file and change its output directory, change the interface design, enable Alarm Clock to automatically run at system startup, replace the speaker sound with a custom one, view expired events, preview media files, specify a time after which the alarm will be aborted, and more.

Performance and final thought

The program uses a low amount of system resources and triggers an event without displaying any errors. To conclude, Alarm Clock is a must-have application for those users who want to better organize their tasks or who simply need an effective wake-up call. We strongly recommend this tool.

Alarm Clock by Tarry91 was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Alarm Clock by Tarry91 - This is the main window of the application where you will be able to set new alarm items.Alarm Clock by Tarry91 - From the Settings menu of the application, you will be able to change the language, the design and customize the colors.Alarm Clock by Tarry91 - You will also be able to change the reaction of the application at Windows startup.Alarm Clock by Tarry91 - screenshot #4

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