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An easy to use and reliable application that enables you to manage time and receive audio notifications of the passing minutes or hours

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TImer is a lightweight application designed to help you keep track of the passing time, for instance when you are working hard and you need a reminder to take small breaks. The software enables you to manage your time more effectively, by notifying you at certain intervals.

Notification of the passing time

For busy and focused people time passes unnoticed and sometimes it is easy to lose track of what time it is. TImer is a simple application destined to help you remember when it is time to leave the house or take a break. It is simple to use and you can set an alarm or reminder with just a few clicks.

TImer can alert you at the proper moment by releasing a low pitch beep. The software leaves you little room for preference changing, since you cannot assign a different ringtone as reminder.

Alternative time tracking

TImer features two alternative time tracking modes. It can alert you at the specified time, or it can notify you at a certain interval of minutes. You can easily choose one of the alarm methods, by typing the time interval or the hour and minute.

By default, the program is set to alert you at every 7 minutes, but you can change that interval, by choosing a value between 1 and 60, representing the minutes. Alternatively, if you fill in the hour and minute box, then click Set, the alarm sounds at the specified time.

The software also features a digital desktop timer, that measures the time elapsed since its start up, in hours, minutes and seconds.


TImer is simple, light and it can easily be minimized, so it does not bother you as you work. You can set an alarm at a certain hour, to remind you of a deadline, an event or set repetitive alerts, at given time intervals, so you remember to take a small break.

Timer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
Timer - The main window of Timer displays the current time and enables you to set an alarm at a specified time

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