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A simple tool that will enable users to schedule audio notifications at regular time intervals to remind them of important tasks or events

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Many users resort to various software solutions to keep them posted when it's time to perform a certain task, take a break or any other event that occurs daily or several times a day.

Among the numerous applications dedicated to this purpose, Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software aims to provide a really simple manner of remembering events by means of sound notifications.

Practical GUI for setting quick reminders

As soon as this program is installed, you will be able to put it to the test and see just how well it can suit your needs. The interface is not something you would call attractive, but the features seem to be well organized, so everything is at hand.

The functions and configuration options have each their corresponding areas in which they reside, so testing a sound file or changing it is one click away.

Multiple presets for audio notifications

Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software comes with many intervals you can choose from, ranging from one second up to 24 hours. There are several increments in-between, but, unfortunately, it is not possible to add custom ones.

The default beep can be easily modified, so you will be able to assign any audio file stored onto your PC as the notification sound. Also on the downside, MP3 and many other types of music files are not currently supported, so you can only rely on WAV files.

Testing the selected beep sound is also very simple and requires a simple click, while the built-in 'History Log' will record the exact times when Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software sent the audio notifications.

An easy to use sound-based alerter

On the whole, this application does the job it is supposed to, but it lacks a few features that would make it more useful. For anyone who wants to hear a beep every once in a while it is fine, but if you are looking to personalize the intervals or use certain music files with it, it is better to try another app.

Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software - From the main window of Beep Every Minute, Second Or Hour Software you can configure the frequency of the beeps.

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