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A compact program that displays the time and date on your desktop and allows you to set up alarms and synchronize the PC clock with online servers

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Chronos Clock is a handy desktop clock that shows the current time and allows you to set alarms and synchronize the PC clock with online servers.

User interface

While the desktop clock isn't quite an eye-candy enhancement for your desktop, showing just the current time and date, it provides access to many other useful features.

Sync options

Synchronization can be easily configured thanks to a dedicated screen in the options menu, so you can choose from multiple time servers, connection type and even define the interval for regular synchronizations.


Additionally, Chronos Clock allows you to set up alarms, with a well-organized interface to let you choose the activation date and time, but also the action to be performed at the configured time.

You can display a text alert, speak alert, play a sound file or a CD, run a program, shutdown, restart, hibernate or log out the system, open a website or a file, send an email or close the app.

Configuration settings

And speaking of configuration settings, Chronos Clock boasts multiple interface customization options, so you're allowed to change the frame color, clock bar display, colors and calendar font.


Although it's designed to run all the time and even connect to time servers at a user-defined interval, Chronos Clock is not at all a resource hog and it works without a flaw on all Windows machines.

Bottom line

Overall, Chronos Clock is clearly a tool that could attract a handful of users, but it needs a more appealing interface for the desktop clock it creates. Plus, theme support would be a brilliant idea, along with more customization options.
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Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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