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With this user-friendly and lightweight application, you can swiftly discover how many milliseconds are in any given amount of time

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Time Converter is a basic yet quite useful piece of software whose main purpose is to help you accurately turn various units of time into milliseconds, requiring a minimal level of effort from you throughout the process.

A simple yet practical appearance

The program’s interface is very simple and easy to handle, posing no problems even to the least experienced individuals, as it features a fairly straight-forward method of functioning.

The main window is split into two sections, namely ‘Seconds, Minutes and Hours to Milliseconds’ and ‘Milliseconds to Seconds, Minutes and Hours’, as the tool is able to perform both conversion operations.

Turn milliseconds into hours, minutes and seconds, or viceversa

In the upper section of Time Converter, you can select the amount of ‘Seconds’, ‘Minutes’ and ‘Hours’ from individual menus, the result being displayed automatically in the assigned box, without having to press any additional buttons, also allowing you to copy it to clipboard.

Moreover, if you need to learn the precise amount of time that fits into a certain number of milliseconds, you can enter the targeted value either manually or from clipboard into the ‘Milliseconds’ field, and Time Converter will instantly display the resulting hours, minutes and seconds.

The application can prove useful in several situations, ranging from educational to work-related, as it offers you the ability to input precise time frames into your project or task; however, it does not support larger time units.

A handy instrument for converting time into various units

All in all, Time Converter is a lightweight and intuitive utility that is meant to help you easily calculate the equivalent amount of time between milliseconds and hours, minutes or seconds, providing the accurate result in just instants.

Time Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
Time Converter - Time Converter is a simple tool that helps you turn seconds, minutes or hours into milliseconds

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