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A simple-to-use piece of software that displays the current time, date and day of the week with the aid of a customizable analog clock

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Desktop Clock-7 is a very simple analog clock designed to stay on the desktop and show the current time, date and weekday.

In essence a very basic desktop clock, the application offers users only simple configuration options, so it doesn’t support themes or pre-defined color themes.

Make the clock remain on top of other windows and work with a calendar

Supposed to be moved anywhere on the screen, Desktop Clock-7  also provides an “Always on Top” feature to remain on top of all the other running apps. Plus, it incorporates a simple calendar utility very similar to the one already available in Windows.

Customization features and alarms

Besides the fact that you can customize the day of the week, logo and numbers either with solid colors or transparency, Desktop Clock-7 enables users to set up alarms with just a few clicks. Again, this is just a basic tool, as it’s only able to issue an audio notification at the defined time, with no support for other actions.


Desktop Clock-7 is meant to run all the time, but it doesn’t affect system performance at all, remaining light on hardware resources regardless of the Windows version on your computer.

Bottom line

All things considered, it’s pretty clear that Desktop Clock-7 is more like a waste of time, especially because it doesn’t do much more than showing the current time with the help of an analog clock.

It stays on the desktop, comprises a basic alarm tool and a very simple calendar and provides only a few customization options, so it clearly needs a lot of improvements to become an attractive product.

Desktop Clock-7 was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Desktop Clock-7 - From the Options window you can setup the way Desktop Clock-7 will work.Desktop Clock-7 - The application also enables you to set custom colors for the clock and a background image.Desktop Clock-7 - screenshot #3Desktop Clock-7 - This is the way Desktop Clock-7 will look onto your desktop once you install and start it.

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