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Display various customizable widgets, such as alarm clock, stopwatch or weather status, on your desktop by using this handy application

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The customization of the operating system is one of the activities most users like to carry out, whether at home or at work and for this reason there are numerous applications and suites of utilities.

Effective Desktop Apps is one such software package that contains several tools, which anyone can use onto their computers to perform various time management related tasks.

Clean looks for increased readability

As soon as the application is installed onto the PC, users can open it and select the desired modules that will be shown onto the desktop. Effective Desktop Apps runs minimized in the system tray and its main menu can be easily accessed by right-clicking its icon.

The layout is very simple and more importantly it can be customized, so that anyone can have their favorite color scheme in use in a couple of clicks.

Have a clock, a timer and a stopwatch displayed onto the screen with two clicks

An important advantage of Effective Desktop Apps is the ability to have all the modules activated in the same time. Thus, the date and time can be shown onto the desktop, while the timer can be also running to keep users posted about the time remaining until a certain event occurs.

Another plus for this program is the impressive amount of configurations it offers for every element displayed inside the window of any of the three modules. More precisely, it is possible to pick one of the built-in themes or create a new one on the spot, customize the transparency, contrast and color options, as well as modify all the text related parameters.

An easy to configure collection of time management utilities

Effective Desktop Apps proves to be very easy to use and it can come in quite handy for anyone who wants to view the date and time directly on the desktop or measure remaining time until a task is completed, for example.

Widget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
Widget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - Widget Toolbox features a simple interface and allows you to choose widget size or items to be displayedWidget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - You can choose from various widgets, such as a stopwatch, a countdown, weather reports, a calendar and an alarm clockWidget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - You can add up to 6 alarms and customize them by writing a message to be displayed when they go offWidget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - Widget Toolbox allows you to customize your alarm clock by adding custom sound files to be playedWidget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - You can customize the weather widget by choosing your location and temperature scale you want to useWidget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - screenshot #6Widget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - screenshot #7Widget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - screenshot #8Widget Toolbox (formerly ThemeWidgets) - screenshot #9

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