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Fast, full-featured and easy to use stopwatch that can help you measure time intervals using a simple and user-friendly interface

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Free Stopwatch is a nifty little application that allows you to measure time intervals for various activities. Equipped with the basic features specific to such an application, Free Stopwatch is an easy approach to keeping tabs on the amount of time spent on certain projects.

The situations that requires such a utility are numerous; whether you’re trying to time a presentation, or want to measure how long it takes for you to cook dinner, Free Stopwatch is able to help you with any of these tasks.

Although there’s no shortage of similar applications, Free Stopwatch tries to make a difference through ease of use and accessibility, being tailored to meet the interests of beginners and professional users alike.

The simple, yet intuitive design, as well as the array of features that exceed the capabilities of other stopwatch timers, are the highlights that make it worthwhile.

Equipped with basic controls, Free Stopwatch allows you to start, stop or reset the timer with support for adding and deleting laps. Stopwatch reports can be sent to the clipboard or saved locally, to a text file, for later reference.

As far as the Options are concerned, you can set the application to stay on top or to run in full screen. There’s also the possibility to detach the timer and display it in a floating window, which is more convenient, because the results are shown in a much larger font.

The built-in metronome will really make you feel the pressure of time by making a ticking sound with the passing of each second.

On an ending note, Free Stopwatch offers a richer array of features than similar software, which also explains its increasing popularity.

Free Stopwatch was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
Free Stopwatch - The main window of Free Stopwatch, a free, full-featured and fast stopwatch for WindowsFree Stopwatch - Stopwatch tab menu window lets you start, stop or reset the timer

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