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Make your computer's time stay synchronized with a custom region on the globe or manually connect to a time server with this practical application

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Time may be a relative thing, but we somehow seem to be strictly tied to this local notion. Without time, we would hardly be able to even meet a person, let alone set up a schedule. Windows shows you the time ever since it came out. Nowadays, the exact hour and minute can be grabbed from the Internet, the same place Karen's Time Sync uses as a source.

Sync time with a few mouse clicks

When you install Windows on a computer, one of the steps requires you to fill in regional and time settings, so it doesn’t lie to you when looking at the clock. Sure enough, the time can always be modified, and this application wants to make it a bit easier and provide a wide range of possibilities.

The application is meant to change your computer’s time, but worry not, because it doesn’t do so without your consent. First of all, it presents all possibilities in a welcome screen that cleverly shows a small description of the whole product, as well as the individual areas you can visit and what can be done in each.

Multiple ways to set the time

Every area you manage is held in a different tab. You can switch between auto sync, manual sync, time server, as well as general settings. A neat advantage is that it comes with an impressive array of Internet Time servers from all over the world.

These are all shown in a tree list sorted according to countries. Upon selection, server information is shown, such as service area, policy, contact, and more. This is done for manual and auto sync. Within the automatic process you can set the application to change the time on your system to a specific server on a daily basis at a given hour.

Apart from selecting from the available servers, you can go ahead and start your own. This is done from the time server tab, with options to enable SNTP, Time, and Daytime protocols. Administrator privileges might be required to start the service.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Karen’s Time Sync lives up to expectations and provides a really simple and efficient method of changing the time to the country or region you want to visit next. Automatic sync makes sure you’re never a second off the clock, with options to only stick to a single configuration, and you can even set other computers, to use your own specifications.

Karen's Time Sync was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
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