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A lightweight, yet powerful application that allows you to seamlessly synchronize a computer's local clock to any remote SNTP server

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In order to correctly receive updates or information from a server, your computer’s time needs to be synchronized with the one of the remote server you are connected to. Not being in sync with the a remote server could cause certain commands to not respond when being requested by your computer.

MasterSyncPC is a handy software solution to this problem, helping you to easily synchronize the current time displayed by your computer to the one of a remote server that you are connected to.

Intuitive time synchronizer

The application provides you with a convenient way of synchronizing the time from your computer with the one on a remote server. By doing so, you are able to correct the time lapse between your computer and the server you are connecting to.

MasterSyncPC synchronizes your computer’s clock to a reference pulse, also called SNTP server. By making periodic calls to such a server, you can accurately receive time packets from it, and use them to synchronize your computer’s internal clock.

Dependable remote server time synchronization tool

With the help of the program, you can accurately synchronize your computer’s clock to the one of a remote server, in order to properly exchange data. This synchronization can be done in a couple of ways, either by pooling or listening to a SNTP server.

Pooling is done by sending a request for time packets to a server, whilst listening is achieved by listening and grabbing the time packets broadcasted by such a server. By supporting both methods, the application can accurately synchronize your machine’s time to the remote server it connects to.

A handy and powerful synchronization utility that relies on reference pulses

To sum it up, MasterSyncPC offers you a innovative way of ensuring data exchange from a remote server to a computer, by easily synchronizing the time lapse between them.

MasterSyncPC was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
MasterSyncPC - MasterSyncPC allows you to easily synchronize the time from a local computer with that of a remote server.MasterSyncPC - By accessing the View menu, you can change the foreground and the background colors.MasterSyncPC - From the Options menu, you can access the logging and statistics generated when synchronizing local and remote clocks.MasterSyncPCMasterSyncPCMasterSyncPCMasterSyncPC

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