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An intuitive and easy-to-use program that can be used to time all sorts of activities, with options to play a custom alarm sound

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Free Timer is a simple, yet efficient application that can be used to time activities. It can perform a reverse countdown with the possibility to play a custom alarm sound when the time has elapsed.

It is fit for a wide ray of scenarios, such as when you want to prepare a presentation with a time constraint or when there’s a need for a fine timeline on a cooking or sports activity.

Free Timer is easy to setup and use, can be handled by all audiences and sports a pleasant appearance. The installation process is short and complication-free, while the impact on system resources is minimal.

Most of the GUI is populated by the attractive analog clock where the passing of the time is represented in a comprehensive manner. The timer is set to one minute, by default, but this parameter can easily be changed to a desired interval using the adjacent box located lower in the main window.

Next to this command, there’s an option to set a custom alarm sound, which will be played when the timer hits zero seconds. The dialog for customizing this aspect also provides the possibility to set the number of times the alarm will be played and the duration of the notification.

Starting the timer is a one-click operation and so is the reset action, since both of these can be accomplished using dedicated buttons. Other highlights include a metronome, which will play a ticking sound every 5 or 60 seconds, as well as to set the application to stay on top.

Overall, Free Timer does carry out the job and is easy to work with, but could use some other options, such as a stopwatch feature and the possibility to create alarms. For the time being, it’s restricted to fulfilling the simple task of counting down from a preset interval.

Free Timer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 6th, 2014
Free Timer - Free Timer displays a countdown timer that you can customize to match your needs.Free Timer - Free Timer allows users to set a custom alarm sound for when the timer hits 0 seconds.Free Timer - Free Timer provides users with the possibility to turn on the metronome using the Options menu.

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