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Bring a pleasant looking 24 hour clock to your desktop and program an alarm to remind you of important events or even run an application for you

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There is no better way to wake up early in the morning and get ready for work, other than to a collection of sounds put together to make your ears beg for mercy. Mini Clock Alarm will try to make sure that you won't sleep in too much, and will even let you wake up to a pleasant tone.

Wake up to your favorite song

Although its alarm may not be used too often in the morning, it can still come in handy when you need something to remind you of an event that takes place later on during the day.

By default, it comes with a tone you must set in order for it to properly function, otherwise you will end up either late, or missing an important date. If the sound it plays to get your attention does not suit your taste, you can always change it when setting the alarm.

Can run an application for you

From the same menu that allows you to pick a different tone, you can also specify a program to start along with the alarm. This comes in handy if you cannot rely on your common sense to get back to work after a break, or you just can't find the courage to begin at all.

Furthermore, the display can be shown in one of the preset colors you can pick.

Good but not flawless

As handy as it may be, don't think it provides a lot of support. You can only set one alarm at a time, and if you don't choose to play sound or run an application, it will not alert you in any way, even though it flashes if the options mentioned above are enabled.

Moreover, if you leave it minimized in the system tray, it will only pop up on your desktop when its time comes, but it does so silently, not playing the given tune.

In conclusion

All in all, Mini Clock Alarm manages to do its job partially. Its ability to run an application when the time comes is helpful, but its main attribute does not impress much. Only one programmable alarm is available on which you cannot rely for important meetings.

Mini Clock Alarm was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
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