Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock

A lightweight software utility that displays the current time and date in a modern and sleek interface, with included speech capabilities

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What's new in Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock

  • Removed white version of Phone
  • Added orange , yellow and black colours of the Phone
  • Added option to change colour of the Phone
  • Added option to change the size of the Phone
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Parikshit Singh
4.7/5 9
C: \ Desktop Enhancements \ Clocks & Time Management
2 Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock Screenshots:
Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock - The main window of the application enables users to set the app to read aloud the current time, date or dayMosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock - Users can access the Settings window when they want to adjust the phone size and color
Although the operating system provides you with a basic clock and calendar, they can sometimes be hard to reach or read, while the speech function is absent altogether. Thus, if you need a clock that is always visible and easy-to-read, you can make use of a specialized piece of software to add a gadget on top of your desktop.

A modern-looking desktop clock

Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock is an application designed in order to spare you the trouble of having to check with your taskbar whenever you want to know what time it is. Hence, thanks to the always-on-top attribute of the utility, you are constantly informed about the current time and date.

To make it more visible and familiar, the application employs a sleek user interface, based on the modern smartphone devices. However, despite the good looks, the large window might get in your way when you are using the computer, since it is rather large and it cannot be resized or minimized. In addition, the jagged and rough margins might also turn to be kind of an eye sore on brighter backgrounds.

Hear the current time and date

A useful function built into the utility is its ability to speak the current time and date, using the integrated speech engine. To access it, all you need to do is to perform a right-click on the main interface and select the desired option from the dropdown menu. Beside the time, you can also hear the current date, complete with day, month and year.

Although fully functional, the speech function is somewhat pointless when it comes to implementation, since you gaze at the clock for entire time it takes you to perform the right-click and select the speak option, especially since the entire window is always visible on your desktop.

A simple, good-looking desktop clock

In the end, despite the fact that it provides a rather dispensable service, Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock does score some points with its looks. However, the fact still remains that it is not too practical to have it hanging on your desktop at all times, due to its large size and lack of a minimization button.

Mosrille Galaxy Grand Talking Clock was reviewed by , last updated on September 11th, 2014

Runs on: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2008 / 2008 R2 / Server 2012


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