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Create and manage appointments, set alarms to get you up and running, and customize the interface to blend in with your desktop perfectly

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Time, if managed properly, can bring you a step closer to success. Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application gives you the possibility to keep track of important events and set alarms.

Customizable user interface

The application's main window is represented by a small space that displays a calendar, a clock and several options you can use. From the settings menu, you are able to change appearance details.

A different background image can be set for the application, as well as more clock types. However, this is displayed in a white box, covering a part of the background. Furthermore, text can be set to a different color, size and font.

Create appointments and set alarms

Aside from a clock and calendar, you are given a few more options to work with. You are given the possibility to create appointments for important events. Unfortunately, these can only be set at the beginning and half of an hour, and will only last 30 minutes. You must constantly check back, because once an appointment starts you will not be notified.

The same applies for the alarm clock, which forgets to go off. You are able to set a text to be greeted with, as well as a song to wake up to. All of this is in vain though, as the function has issues when supposed to run.

In addition, you will come across a docking station menu which brings up a small window. Here you are limited to adding 5 application shortcuts for quick access. Last but not least, you can make use of the integrated stopwatch and countdown timer.

In conclusion

All in all, Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application tries to make time management easy. It puts a large variety of options at your disposal, and would have been useful if functionality was flawless. Customization options are available so at least you can make it look pretty on your desktop.

Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 17th, 2014
Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application will provide users with a stylish clock and calendar toolOpaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - Users will be able to access options such as Appointment Properties or Application Settings within the Calendar windowOpaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - The Alarm Clock Settings window will allow users to select a Time for the alarm clock, an Alert Text or an Audio AlertOpaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - screenshot #4Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - screenshot #5Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - screenshot #6Opaloflux Clock and Calendar Application - screenshot #7

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