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A clock that speaks 'on demand' or according to a schedule





A Talking Digital Clock which speaks 'on demand', or according to a schedule (at specific time intervals), using either pre-recorded 'Real Speech' or Text To Speech (TTS).

SayO'Clock will inform you how many TTS engines you have installed on your computer and the name of the TTS voice that will provide the speech.

You can swiftly change from one voice to another, as well as the application's mode of operation ('Announce Time' or 'Alarm' mode). Whenever SayO'Clock speaks (whether it is using 'Real Speech' or TTS to do so), a green indicator light on the face plate lights up - a useful visual alert.

In 'Announce mode', the time interval is conveniently set by means of a slider on SayO'Clock's face plate, which is adjustable between 0 and 60. eg. an interval of '1' means that SayO'Clock will say the time every minute in the hour. An interval of '20' means SayO'Clock will say the time on the hour, 20 past the hour and 40 minutes past the hour.

You can also press the 'Speak' button at any time, and SayO'Clock will say the time at that moment. Other choices available in 'Announce' mode are: whether to say the time using 'Real Speech' or TTS, whether or not SayO'Clock should automatically announce the time when it starts up, and whether or not scheduled time announcements should be preceded with 'warning beeps'.

SayO'Clock's 'Alarm mode' is indicated by a little hourglass image in the Display. In this mode, as soon as you choose a time interval and release the slider - the alarm is armed from that moment to trip every time the interval elapses. eg. if you choose '1' as the time interval, the alarm will trigger 1 minute after you release the slider, and again 1 minute after that and so on - in a recurring fashion.

Also, (just like in 'Announce mode'), you can press the 'Speak' button at any time, and SayO'Clock will say the time at that moment, and you can choose whether or not the alarm alerts should be preceded with 'warning beeps'.
Last updated on April 20th, 2006
SayO'Clock - This is the main user interface of SayO'Clock where you can test the time speaking function.SayO'Clock - By accessing the Settings window of SayO'Clock users are able to enable the alarm or adjust the voice speed.

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