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Simple-to-use piece of software that helps you time your activities with the aid of a stopwatch while allowing you to pause and restart the timer

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Anytime you want to know how long it takes you to perform a certain task, a timer is required. StopWatch is a nice program that was created to help you with this issue. It was designed with an overall simplicity in mind and comes bundled with basic features.

Simple looks

The tool that a very simple interface. While it doesn’t stand out in the visual department, it includes the basic features required for this type of apps.

Check out the time in the main window

Basically, the app displays the amount of time that has passed, providing the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds. Thus, no matter if your task is lengthy or not, the program should meet your needs.

A few configuration settings

Despite the fact that StopWatch doesn’t come with many additional options, it has a few useful buttons. For instance, you may pause and resume the timer at any moment, thus giving you the possibility to exclude the breaks you took while completing the task you set on to.

Furthermore, at any time, you may restart the application. Thus, the timer resets to zero and you may start over. The program’s frame may also be set to always be displayed on top of other utilities. Thus, it should be visible, regardless of the other apps that you use at the same time.


The bottom line is that StopWatch is a nice utility that can come in handy quite often. Inexperienced users shouldn’t have problems while installing or working with this program, thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity.

StopWatch was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
StopWatch - StopWatch will provide users with a very simple stopwatch program, it supports restart / pausing the timer

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