Time Zone Manager

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A standalone and straightforward software application that allows you to easily organize your meetings with people from different time zones






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If you're not used to deal with multiple time zones, then it is possible that you don't  specify the time zone on scheduling and confirming appointments.

Use Time Zone Manager to organize your meetings or copy/paste the (even multiple) appointment information in all your communications.

Use Time Zone Manager to generate appointments in Outlook: each person will choose the own time zone and you are sure the appointment time and date are consistent for all the participants.

Use Time Zone Manager to control the DST status of the different time zones. The appointments and the actual date/time are consistent and deal with DST automatically.

Time Zone Manager is designed to help you organize meetings with people from around the world by displaying the exact time and date from different time zones.
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
Time Zone Manager - The application displays the clock from different time zones, allowing you to schedule accurately-timed appointmentsTime Zone Manager - The application allows you to easily generate an Outlook appointment at the set date and time.Time Zone Manager - From the World map window, you can load various map image files from your drives.Time Zone Manager

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