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A lightweight utility that enables you to manage your upcoming tasks or activities and set up alarms, reminders and memos for each one

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A busy schedule is hard to follow without a way to track every task and an alarm system to remind you about overdue items on your to-do list.

TimeBell is an application that enables you to organize your daily activities and set up alerts at certain hours to remind you about appointments, meetings or any other task that needs to be sorted within a fixed time frame.

Turn off your PC or open a webpage at certain hours

If you require your PC to be turned off, restarted or enter standby mode at a specific time, you can create dedicated events using the “Create new task” function of the application. The same procedure can be applied if you want to open a webpage in your browser or send an email to someone automatically.

Files can also be opened or closed using the scheduler, which is especially useful if you are running a server and you need to execute various scripts or perform vital backup operations without your manual intervention.

Export task lists and synchronize your system time with the atomic clock

TimeBell allows you to export your task list to use it in other applications, or just to simply store the information on your computer for future reference. The files can be saved under any extension you desire, since the application does not come with a format of its own.

To keep a tight schedule, you need an accurate clock that is constantly kept synchronized with the most precise devices available, such as the atomic clocks spread around the world. TimeBell can periodically check one of the many available time servers and synchronize your system every hour, day or month.

Closing arguments

TimeBell is, in essence, a digital agenda that helps you keep track with your daily schedule and alerts you whenever you are required to start working on a task or honor an appointment. Unlike a paper journal though, it can also handle computer-related operations and play alarm sounds every time you need to be doing something.

TimeBell was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 7th, 2014
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