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A modern-looking application that allows you to keep track of passing time, acting simultaneously as a digital clock, stopwatch and countdown timer

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The clock provided by your operating system only shows you the current time and date. Some software solutions, such as Urrofi Clock can help you keep track of the current time, while offering additional features, such as a countdown timer and a stopwatch.

Modern-looking clock with user-friendly interface

The application gives you the possibility to keep an eye on the current time. Additionally, it offers you the option to change the time format, by choosing either the 12-hour format, or the 24-hours one. This comes in handy when traveling, as you can easily change it to the time format locally used.

Furthermore, you can use the program’s stopwatch tool to measure the elapsed time needed to complete certain activities. For instance, you can measure the time needed to download an application or the one needed to write a document.

In addition, thanks to the application’s countdown timer, you can approximate the time needed to finish certain activities, then try to finish it faster. All you need to do is to type the hours, minutes and seconds required to complete any current activity.

Intuitive and seamlessly to use clock that offers additional features

Urrofi Clock provides you with simple means tracking the passing of time, all through a minimalist and user-friendly interface.

The application can be used as a replacement for the basic clock provided by your operating system, as it gives you a couple of additional features, such as the stopwatch and the countdown timer.

A lightweight, yet handy and powerful clock utility

By using Urrofi Clock, you have the possibility to precisely measure the passing of time. In addition, you can estimate the time needed to complete certain activities, using the application’s countdown timer or stopwatch.

Urrofi Clock was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
Urrofi Clock - The program helps you keep track of the current time, whilst offering you a basic stopwatch utility.Urrofi Clock - You can seamlessly set up a timer by scheduling the wait time measured in hours, minutes and seconds.

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