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Manage your time and ongoing projects using the Pomodoro technique, create and organize tasks, and keep track of your progress with this application

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myAgilePomodoro is a simple to use and reliable application designed to help you manage your working time, ongoing projects and todo lists, by using the Pomodoro Technique. The software handles both macro and micro management and it is capable of estimating the most suitable work time configuration for you.

Creating tasks

You can always create new projects, specifying their names and types, then estimate how much time you generally require to finish them. The software enables you to use both Pomodoro and Agile management methods when configuring a new project.

Thus, title, estimated pomodoros, author and place fields correspond to the Pomodoro Technique, while Type, Story Points and Iteration are required for the Agile estimation algorithms. A pomodoro is a time period of approximately 25 minutes, followed by a five minutes break interval. It represents a working method that has yielded positive results in project management.

Pomodoro functions

myAgilePomodoro can help you edit remote or local databases and supports importing CSV, XLS, XML or Google Drive files. The software enables you to time your work, by notifying you at the beginning or end of each pomodoro. In other words, you can leave it to run in the background and let it inform you when it is time to take a break or get back to work. Also, the software features notification sounds, alarms or customizable notifiers.

The stopwatch function can offer you the guideline to a suitable time management, however, you may always adjust it by increasing or decreasing the allocated time. In case unplanned tasks should occur, you may interrupt the timer and start it again later.

The Agile mode

Using the Agile mode, you can monitor which tasks are on the waiting list, as well as manage the todo line. You can view pending projects in the Backlog tab, import CSV files and assign them to your project, or export an activity log regarding a specified task.

The Iteration tab hosts ongoing tasks, the pomodoro timer, as well as the progression status, while the finished projects can be assessed in the Done tab. The software can generate burn-down or burn-up charts, that can offer you insight on your performance.


myAgilePomodoro is a useful tool for complete implementation of the Pomodoro Technique and project management. Edit entries from local files or from a remote MySQL database and export your work locally, to CSV, XLS or XML documents or remotely, to Google Drive.

myAgilePomodoro was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
myAgilePomodoro - myAgilePomodoro enables you to easily create a new task, by simply entering the story points and other data.myAgilePomodoro - You can view a list of all the active tasks in the backlog area of myAgilePomodoro.myAgilePomodoro - myAgilePomodoro enables you to change the author and description of each task.myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #4myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #5myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #6myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #7myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #8myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #9myAgilePomodoro - screenshot #10

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