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A lightweight application that enables you to create to-do lists and set up alarms at specific intervals, using custom sound files

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To-do lists are meant to remind you about certain appointments or activities you have planned in certain days, as well as chores or job deadlines. In order to avoid writing them down in an agenda, you can make use of a software utility that, in addition to keeping track of a large number of tasks, it can also alert you using sounds.

Quickly create task lists and start the timer

todoTimer is a lightweight application that enables you to easily create to-do lists and set up alarms to notify you when the timer runs out. The tasks you add are arranged in a table featuring two columns, in order to store the number of desired minutes and a description for the task. A first drawback would be the fact that the main window is rather small and you cannot fit more than one word in the description field without having to use the scroll bar in order to read it.

After you populate the task list, you can start the timer and return to your regular work, leaving the application to do its job in the background. You can, however, display it on the screen at any point and see the amount of time that has passed.

Save the task list as a plain text documents and add custom alarm sounds

The created to-do lists do not have to be discarded once you are done with them, in case you want to reuse them later. The utility enables you to save them as plain text documents on your computer, along with the task description and the number of minutes for each item. You can bring them back later by making use of the load button, which allows you to open the aforementioned text files.

In addition, after the timer for each task runs out, the application can render a sound in order to alert you about its completion. This sound can be replaced with any compatible MP3 file from your computer. Furthermore, you can enable the confirmation dialogs, which pop-up every time an item on your list expires.

In conclusion

Despite the few drawbacks, todoTimer is a friendly and potentially useful application to have around on your computer, especially if you want an utility that does not affect your system memory. It is, however, a bit too small and crowded to be properly used as a task reminder.

todoTimer was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
todoTimer - You can add new tasks in the list and select a sound file from your computer from the main window of the application.

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