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An interesting icon collection that can help you enhance the look of your desktop icons so as to make them match your installed OS theme

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One of the simplest ways for users to personalize the look of their computer is to replace the default Windows icons with custom ones. This method is less invasive than installing a theme and there are numerous attractive icon packs that can be used. One such third-party collection is called 25 NEW XP Icons.

Although it was initially created to be deployed on Windows XP, the iconset can be used without any problem on newer operating systems as well, especially since they are shadowed so they blend nicely with the background.

One simply needs to extract the contents of the archive to a folder of their choice then explore the icons - once users have found an icon they like, they also need to choose which application icon they would like to replace.

It should be mentioned that each icon comes by default with a filename that suggests users which software they are best suited with, but this does not mean that they cannot be used for a completely different app icon.

If users decide to personalize the appearance of their desktop icons and are not pleased with the result, they can simply keep on experimenting with icons until the results are satisfactory. This does not affect the performance of the computer, so one should not worry about it.

To wrap it up, 25 NEW XP Icons can prove to be quite helpful for those who want to add a little of their personality to their PC, yet the limited number of icons might seem like somewhat of a drawback to users who want to completely overhaul their computer. Nonetheless, the icon pack is still a good starting point in revamping the looks of one’s PC.

25 NEW XP Icons was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 8th, 2013
25 NEW XP Icons - This collection will provide you with interesting icons to use with your computer applications.

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