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Freeze desktop icons in the arrangement you choose without interfering with normal Windows operations

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IconLock is a Windows freebie that can save the desktop layout and thus help users retain icons position with just a few configuration options.

Once installed, the application places an icon in the Windows Context Menu, which means you can quickly access its options by right-clicking on the desktop.

The dedicated “IconLock” menu item lets you quickly save or restore a desktop layout using the standard settings. Additionally, you can use the “Save As” option to input a name for your layout, lock the desktop or access the options screen for even more configuration settings.

There are multiple lock options in the aforementioned screen, so you can lock not only the icons position, but also the Taskbar, Common Dialogs, all desktop files and folders and IconLock data files.

Last but not least, the application can be used to automatically restore icon locations every time the screen resolution changes, which is quite good news for those who are using a different resolution when playing games.

As you can see, IconLock is mostly a very easy to use piece of software, but a help section is available as well, just to make sure rookies figure out how to take the most out of each feature.

All things considered, IconLock serves its purpose, although a more user-friendly approach could help a lot. Dedicated options to restore a specific layout from the Context Menu or via a Tray icon can also attract users who don’t want to waste too much time using the app.

IconLock was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 15th, 2012
IconLock - From the Context menu window you will be able to select the IconLock options.IconLock - From the Lock Options tab window you will be able to set the lock and startup options.IconLock - From the Menu Options tab window you will be able to enable or disable menu items.

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