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Easily change or extract the icon of any EXE file

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Program Icon Changer is a Windows utility that can change or extract the icon of any executable file on your computer.

The interface isn't quite the professional look you may expect from such a program, as it doesn't rely on a well-organized layout, although it displays all options right in the main window.

In fact, developers have tried to make the whole process very easy for all types of users, so the interface presents just a few steps that need to be followed by those who wish to change or extract an icon.

Users are thus prompted to choose the icon source, which can be any EXE, DLL, ICO, OCX or SCR file on your computer and pick the icon size they wish to process. Program Icon Changer automatically displays all icon sizes, so you can repeat the process for each of them to successfully change the icon regardless of their location.

A preview panel is also available to help you see the new icons, while the actual replacement process can be started by pressing the “Arrow” symbol at the top of the main window.

Program Icon Changer is not too difficult to use, but in case you need assistance on one of the features, you can always have a look in the manual available under the help section. The whole task is performed instantly and the computer isn't obviously stressed up at all.

All things considered, Program Icon Changer is an effective piece of software, but it still needs some improvements to become a top product. A revised interface, a more intuitive approach and configuration options are absolutely necessary.

Program Icon Changer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 6th, 2012
Program Icon Changer - This is the main window of Program Icon Changer where you need to specify the source and the destination files.

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