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Customize your folder icons by building new ones from scratch or applying themes and textures with the help of this easy to use application

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Sometimes, identifying one folder among others in a crowded directory can be a bit difficult. Having colorful, custom icons for some of your folders could make finding your files easier.

icomancer can help you do just that, by providing an easy and intuitive way of customizing folder icons.

Easily create and apply folder icons

The application enables you to create folder icons from templates and textures. These icons can then be easily applied or removed by accessing the dedicated items from the Windows Explorer context menu.

In order to create your own folder icons, you must start from a set of icon templates. These define the general shape and look of the icons (for example, templates include icons from Windows 7, Vista and XP). After selecting a template, you can change the icon's color. You may also want to apply a texture (such as Chrome or Brushed Steel) to your colored icon. You can also select an image from your hard disk to be displayed on, or alongside it.

Users can also create 'skeletons' which are special templates. These can be used to create and apply custom folder icons on the fly, starting from any picture on your hard drive.

Fast, simple content sharing

Although creating and customizing icons is simple, easy and fun, if you find yourself lacking inspiration or the time to start working on your own, the application enables you to access an online library of user-created, downloadable content. This library contains textures, colors and add-on or ready-made icons.

Of course, you can also choose to upload your own creations, straight from within the application. If you'd like to keep your work to yourself, un-checking the 'Public' checkbox will make your icons private.


Customizing your folder icons can be fun and could be useful in organizing your directories and files. This intuitive application makes it easy to do so and offers you the option of sharing your work or downloading content created by other users.

icomancer was reviewed by Corneliu Paval
Last updated on February 25th, 2015
icomancer - When launching the application, users can either create new folder icons or apply templates to them.icomancer - When creating folder icons, users can choose between a wide variety of colors, templates and textures.icomancer - The Imbuer window enables users to easily apply various preset color themes to folder icons.icomancer - screenshot #4icomancer - screenshot #5icomancer - screenshot #6icomancer - screenshot #7icomancer - screenshot #8icomancer - screenshot #9icomancer - screenshot #10icomancer - screenshot #11

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