3RVX (formerly 3r1c)

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A volume notification and control utility

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While Windows comes with plenty of tools that can help you control the sound volume, they aren’t exactly the most attractive from a visual point of view. 3RVX is a small tool that emulates the volume icon of Mac OS X.

The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, so it should be easy to figure out by all users.

Once activated, an icon appears in the middle of the lower are of the screen. Unless you are controlling the volume, it is invisible, so it shouldn’t bother you while working. The position of the icon can be modified. For instance, it can be placed in the center of the screen or to a custom location that can be defined with the help of some coordinates.

The program may be set to run at system startup, which means you don’t always have to remember to launch the app. The display can be set to always be above other windows, which makes it easy to see.

An icon can be placed in the system tray, thus giving you access to the settings area. The program comes with hotkey support, so you can view the available actions. While some key combinations are already available, they may be edited to suit your needs.

Several skins are also available to customize the way the interface looks.

All in all, 3RVX is a nice tool that can be fun to have installed on the computer. Less experienced users should find it easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.

3RVX (formerly 3r1c) was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on March 16th, 2013
3RVX (formerly 3r1c)3RVX (formerly 3r1c)3RVX (formerly 3r1c)

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