Alax.Info NTFS Links

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A small and handy collection of shell extensions that allows you to access additional functions related to soft and hard NTFS links





Alax.Info NTFS Links will extend Windows operating system shell by bringing additional functions related to soft and hard links supported by your NTFS file system.

Alax.Info NTFS Links' features are displayed when you right-click a directory, allowing you to create soft or hard links.

Alax.Info NTFS Links adds new items to the context menu that allow you to paste copied files as hard links.

The application also adds the ability to create soft links when a directory is being copied.

An option to delete a link is displayed when the a soft linked directory is about to be deleted.
Last updated on March 22nd, 2014
Alax.Info NTFS Links - The program allows you to create hard links to your files through the right-click menu.