Alt codes accelerator

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An easy to use and efficient application functioning as a virtual keyboard that allows you to enter special symbols in your texts

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Alt codes accelerator is a useful and reliable piece of software that provides you with the ability to type symbols or special characters in a text, just by clicking on the proper item from the displayed virtual keyboard.

After installing the program, it automatically runs minimized in the notification area, allowing you to access it whenever you need, without it standing in your way when you are going about your regular work.

The symbols panel can be called out in two different ways: you can click on the icon in the system tray and the window will immediately appear, or you can use the key you assigned. The default key is F8, but you can change it to any other one ranging from F2 to F 12, from the 'Settings' section, which you can access from the system tray menu.

Additionally, you can adjust the size of the window, particularly since it has the habit of starting out at a relatively large dimension. The sliders enable you to change the 'Symbol Size' and the 'Spacing', but you can even customize the background color.

Alt codes accelerator's method of functioning is quite simple, once you call out the virtual keyboard, all you need to do is click on the symbol that you want to use and it is displayed instantly where your keyboard's focus was. These symbols correspond to the ALT codes ranging from 1 to 255, but the ones from 128 to 255 differ according to the region you live in, for instance Russia, Western Europe, Central Europe, Hebrew or US.

In conclusion, Alt codes accelerator is a very helpful application that allows you to enter the special characters in your native language or any other symbol you might need, just by clicking on it, sparing you from having to remember countless ALT codes or use the 'Insert Symbol' function of your text editor.

Alt codes accelerator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 18th, 2014
Alt codes accelerator - Alt codes accelerator is a simple tool that enables you to input special characters into your texts with just one clickAlt codes accelerator - The application displays all the available symbols for your geographical region and lets you click on the one you needAlt codes accelerator - From the Settings window, you can adjust the Symbol Size and the Spacing, as well as choose background color