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A handy application that allows you to magnify a certain area of your screen, or the one around your cursor, so that you can see details better

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Large screens can be a joy and a problem for some people, as sometimes you can encounter an image or text that is too small to read and comprehend. You could use DeskLensExp, a handy application that allows you to zoom in a certain area on your screen.

Reliable and easy to use magnification tool with comprehensive layout

The program helps you magnify a certain area of your screen, in order to see better any details that cannot be easily seen with the naked eye. Furthermore, you can customize your magnifying area with ease, in order to adapt it to your preferences. You can set a height, width, transparency and mouse rate on the spot, thus enhancing your magnified area.

Additionally, you can change the zoom ratio of your magnifier, so that it will display more or less details. Besides, you can import or export settings for your magnifier, a handy feature, as it makes your application flexible and easy to configure on any computer.

Intuitive and handy desktop enhancement utility that zooms your screen

DeskLensExp can be used to enlarge a certain area on your screen, so that you can see it better. The area can be set in a certain place, then freely moved around, or configured so that it follows your cursor.

Aside from this, the magnifying area can be customized, so that it stands out or discreetly stays on your desktop. By doing so, you are able to add borders or decorations to your lens, along with other color filters or transparency preferences.

A lightweight, yet dependable desktop magnifying glass with easy to use GUI

To conclude, DeskLensExp helps you enlarge and zoom in a certain area on your desktop on the spot, so that you are able to see small details, dead pixels or fine prints.

DeskLensExp was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
DeskLensExp - DeskLensExp works in System Tray and it helps you enhance your desktop by providing a magnifier tool.DeskLensExp - DeskLensExp allows you to magnify a certain area of your screen or the one around your cursor.DeskLensExp - You can change the way the application looks by modifying the lens folder or the icon directory.DeskLensExpDeskLensExpDeskLensExpDeskLensExpDeskLensExpDeskLensExpDeskLensExp

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