Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

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A dynamic semitransparent calendar on your desktop.





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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar is a dynamic semitransparent calendar on your desktop with a feature to add notes/reminders to each date.

Your notes and reminders are always visible on your desktop and you can easily edit them by just triple-clicking on dates on your desktop image.

Use your favorite wallpaper images in the background and let the program change them at selected intervals.

Huge number of user definable options to tailor the desktop to fit your needs.
Last updated on July 9th, 2006
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - Desktop Wallpaper Calendar shows a transparent calendar on the desktop.Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - The application's main window contains also the setttings located in tabs. There you can change almost anything: calendar entries, image settings, program behaviour, etc.Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - Using Desktop Wallpaper Calendar's settings tabs you can modify every aspect of desktop calendar's appearance.Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - From the Image tab you can change contrast, brightness, gamma and also what picture you want as a wallpaper.Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - The Application tab can be used to change program related settings such as startup auto loading.

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