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A simple and efficient application aimed at people who still have a difficult time understanding and working with the layout of Windows 8

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Easy-PC Navigator is a lightweight and straight-forward piece of software developed to offer you a simple means of accessing the various areas on your Windows 8 running computer.

When upgrading to Windows 8, many people have found the new layout to be too much for them, making it difficult if not impossible to find their favorite programs or open their regular work directories.

Easy-PC Navigator is meant to help you access the relevant areas of your computer more swiftly, without getting lost in all the screen changes, but also without having to give up on the other advantages of Windows 8.

The application's interface is quite user-friendly, making it approachable for everyone. It features a set of buttons with multiple options, so you can quickly access areas on your PC, with just a click or two.

Easy-PC Navigator features a 'Power Options' button, that allows you to instantly 'Shutdown', 'Restart', 'Switch User', 'Sign Out' or 'Lock' your computer, without having to hover over the right edge of your screen and wait for the panel to unfold, then try to remember which button featured these options.

Moreover, the utility lets you easily access your 'Library', being able to view the contents of your 'Documents', 'Downloads', 'Music', 'Pictures' or 'Videos' folders, as well as the items on your 'Desktop' or the 'Start Menu Programs'.

Additionally, Easy-PC Navigator enables you to reach the system function you want to work with, without getting lost in the various menus and windows that can sometimes confuse you. As such, you can access the 'Control Menu', the 'Action Center', the 'Administrative Tools', the 'Device Manager', 'Sound and Audio', 'User Accounts', 'Network Connections' and several other sections, with a single click. Other dedicated buttons help you access 'Devices and Printers', 'Personalization' or 'My Computer'.

To summarize, Easy-PC Navigator is a useful and simple application that can help you explore your Windows 8 system without any trouble from its new layout.

Easy-PC Navigator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 7th, 2014
Easy-PC Navigator - Easy-PC Navigator is a simple tool that provides Windows 8 users with an alternative means of browsing through their PCEasy-PC Navigator - The dedicated menu enables users to shutdown, restart, lock or sign out from their computerEasy-PC Navigator - Users can quickly access their library, including documents, downloads, music or picturesEasy-PC Navigator - screenshot #4