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Give your desktop a new look and feel by completely changing the layout with multiple customization options and touch-friendly interface

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A computer's desktop can be customized with wallpapers, icon packs and color schemes in order to perfectly blend in with the one using it. There are also specialized applications like FrontFace which aim to completely change the way your desktop feels, looks like and has items distributed.

A completely new design for your desktop

The application is mainly oriented at touch-supported devices capable of running Windows. Launching the application completely changes the desktop interface, so be prepared for a few, probably inconvenient changes.

Starting with your taskbar and desktop icons, to navigation, windows, as well as web browsers, all elements are changed, with a few customization options at your disposal. Most icons and buttons that replace your old ones are pretty intuitive and large to be easily accessible on touch devices.

Customize workspace gadgets and shortcuts

All your running applications can still be accessed, with your work progress remaining intact. There's a dedicated button that lets you quickly switch back to the default interface in case this does not suit your style. Only one window is displayed at a time, but there are navigation controls on the new taskbar that let you easily scroll between running applications.

The new desktop can be equipped with a large variety of gadgets and icons that either launch applications or take you to various online places. Elements can be customized and arranged on the grid layout as you see fit. What's more, the application lets you create shortcuts that can be directly launched from a taskbar menu.

Good but far from being a pro

Although intuitive and visually appealing, the design itself features only a few customization options, namely selecting from a poor collection of skins, without even the possibility to set a different color.

You can also access the Internet with the help of a dedicated, fully-functional web browser, but with a few limitations. For instance, only navigation is a plus, with missing elements such as a bookmarks or downloads manager.

The application might not appeal to everyone, becoming rather difficult to use on a daily basis. You quickly get acquainted with the new design and functions, but implemented tools are rather hard to use, especially with more application and scrolling between them. Not to mention that closing one is confusing enough that you sooner or later end up with significant system resources used.

In conclusion

To sum it up, FrontFace mostly comes in handy for those that only want to visually enhance their desktops or use the computer mostly as a kiosk or info terminal. What's more, using it on Windows 8 without being sure you want to switch to a new layout might cause some functionality issues or completely reset your old design and arrangements.
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Last updated on November 5th, 2014
FrontFace - At startup, the application adds information and shortcuts of the built-in features to the desktopFrontFace - Users have access to My Downloads from which they are able to choose new gadgetsFrontFace - FrontFace enables quick access to the selected gadgets on the desktopFrontFace - This software also allows to set sidebar, theme or custom web browser characteristics

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