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Records and automates mouse clicks

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Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker is a lightweight Windows program developed to record mouse actions and repeat them at a later time.

There’s nothing that could get you too much trouble, although a minute or two in order to figure out the purpose of each button may be needed.

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker’s GUI is mostly focused on the recorded mouse activity, with the main window being used to show type and action of each entry.

Starting a new recording is as easy as pressing the “Record Mouse” button, but setting app a new action requires a bit more attention.

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker can record left, right and middle mouse clicks, with multiple click point options, as it follows: click where the mouse is, click on a fixed point, click color block or BMP block.

The application can also type text in a specific location, while a dedicated option lets you configure it to perform specific actions with a defined delay.

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker doesn’t hamper system performance in any way and it works smoothly on all Windows versions out there. It also boasts a configuration screen that provides access to repeat speed settings, hotkeys and interval between repeats.

All things considered, this is a helpful product that comprises the essential options to record and repeat mouse activity. An online help manual is also available, just in case anyone needs more information on a built-in tool.

Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker - This is the main window of Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker, where you will be able to record mouse gestures.Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker - Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker allows you to configure new mouse actions such as moving the cursor.Ghost Mouse Auto Clicker - You can configure the Options of the application using the designated window.

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