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A lightweight, yet useful application that helps you enable the "Show Desktop" taskbar button in newer Windows operating systems

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The “Show Desktop” taskbar button was a handy feature specific to the Windows XP operating system helping people quickly access their files. Sadly, the button has been removed, or better said, relocated and reshaped on newer Windows operating systems, due to the fact that pressing the lower right corner of your screen will display your desktop screen.

Thanks to certain applications, such as Lifsoft ShowDesktop can bring back a small part of Windows XP’s nostalgia, by enabling the “Show Desktop” taskbar button on newer operating systems, such as Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

Lightweight, yet dependable application that enhances your taskbar

Lifsoft ShowDesktop gives you the possibility to re-enable the “Show Desktop” button specific to Windows XP’s Quick Launch bar. The application can be installed on the spot, as launching it will pin the “Show Desktop” button to your taskbar instantly.

This way, you can clearly see it pinned on your taskbar, instead of having to use the lower right corner of your screen, which is not always so easy to target, because of its transparency.

Besides, the program can bring back a little nostalgia, by re-enabling one of the functions specific to the Windows XP operating system.

Straightforward desktop enhancement tool with fast installation package

Lifsoft ShowDesktop provides you with a fast way to restore the “Show Desktop” taskbar button, which is characteristic to the Windows XP operating system.

Because it simply pins the designated button to your taskbar, it does not require any special installation, making it user-friendly.

A reliable and easy to use utility that restores the “Show desktop” taskbar button

The application can easily spice up your desktop, by bringing back the Windows XP-specific “Show Desktop” button to your Quick Launch bar, so that you will have instant access to your screen and files.

Lifsoft ShowDesktop was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
Lifsoft ShowDesktop - The application allows you to bring back the "Show Desktop" taskbar button specific to the Windows XP operating system.