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An intuitive and easy to use application that allows you to apply the Mac OS X layout style to the sound volume control button on the taskbar

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MacSound is a simple tool designed to help you customize the layout of the taskbar on your desktop by changing the appearance of the sound volume control button. While maintaining its function, you can easily apply the Mac OS X style to the controller.

A lightweight alternative to applying a desktop theme

The software is simple to use, does not require installation and it runs in the background, with little resources. All you need to do is click the MacSound icon, or run it as administrator in some cases, and watch as the volume control button is instantly modified.

With MacSound activated, you can view the volume control icon changing as you set the volume up or down. Moreover, you can establish certain hotkeys for turning the volume up or down right from your keyboard. Some keyboards allow shifting the volume up or down, but most key combinations are difficult to press at a moment’s notice. With MacSound you can set convenience keys that you can press with one hand.

Layout customization

The software enables you to modify the appearance of MacSound, by setting the transparency level of the volume control slider or add a border. Moreover, you can enable volume shifting by using the mouse scroll wheel, or set it to automatically suspend when an application enters full screen.

The volume control slider appears when you click the dedicated icon and it can stay on the desktop for a determined time, before disappearing. For instance, you can set it to automatically hide, in one second after you operated the modifications.

Tweak the appearance of the taskbar

MacSound constitutes a lightweight alternative to applying desktop themes. It enables you to add Mac OS X style to your taskbar, by customizing the system volume control icon and menu. Moreover, you can set several hotkeys that enable you to turn the volume up or down, switch to mute, as well as change the position of the controller.

MacSound was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 26th, 2014
MacSound - MacSound is a simple to use application that can replace the layout of the volume control button on your taskbar.MacSound - The software enables you to apply the Mac OS X style to the volume control button on the taskbar, while maintaining its function.

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