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A simple and intuitive utility that enables you to change the window color according to your wallpaper, the current screen or at random

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Chameleon is a user-friendly and fun piece of software whose main purpose resides in changing the title bar color on your system according to the shades in your wallpaper, you current screen or an app’s icon.

Portability advantages

The program does not require installation, enabling you to start working with it immediately after decompressing the archive and running the executable.

Consequently, you can store it on a removable memory device and take it with you wherever you think your computer needs a splash of color, yet otherwise leaving no trace behind when erased.

Alter your title bar’s colors according to the weather, the time of day or your current wallpaper

The main window allows you to choose the preferred color source, being able to opt between ‘None’, ‘Wallpaper’, ‘Screen’ or ‘Program Icon’, the last two of which refer to the utility that is currently in focus.

Moreover, you can change your windows' border color according to the weather ‘Conditions’ (you can choose the location from the ‘Settings’ section of the tool), the ‘Temperature’, your laptop’s ‘Battery’ status or the ‘Time’ of day (12 AM, 5AM, 8 AM, etc).

Each one features customizable colors, enabling you to decide your windows’ color when it is ‘Cloudy’ outside or your battery is between 10 and 20 percent loaded. For the modification to take effect, you need to click on the ‘Close’ button.

When closed, Chameleon retreats to the notification area, continuing to perform its task yet staying out of your way until you have need for it again; you can access it by double-clicking on the system tray icon.

A handy desktop enhancement tool

To conclude, Chameleon is a handy and effective application aimed to help you keep informed about your computer’s battery, the weather outside or the current hour through automatically changing title bar colors.

Chameleon was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Chameleon - The main window of Chameleon allows you to choose the source it should use for color, such as your wallpaper or the current screenChameleon - When closed, the tool retreats to the notification area, where you can access the system tray menu by right clicking its iconChameleon - The Adjust Aero window enables you to activate transparency effects, adjust the color balance and the glass reflection intensityChameleon - screenshot #4Chameleon - screenshot #5

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