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A useful desktop utility that aims to improve your productivity, by providing you with a wide range of accessibility tools and various other functionality enhancements

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The desktop is created to help you personalize and organize your workspace, by adding various shortcuts and gadgets to improve accessibility. It can, however, get rather crowded if you add too many items on top of it, thus making it more difficult to use and reach the desired elements.

Improve the functionality of your desktop

Mywe is a software solution designed to increase productivity and bring additional functionality to your desktop, by integrating a wide variety of quickly accessible features and shortcuts, without overcrowding the workspace. Thus, you can extend the array of things you can achieve directly from your desktop and still maintain the desired simplicity.

In order to provide you with these features, the application overlays a small access bar onto your screen, which is visible from any program, without causing confusion or any other functionality issues. To take advantage of the menu hidden behind this bar, you can simply hover with the cursor over it and access the dropdown items, which contain every feature bundled into the utility.

Automate tasks and create templates

Among the most important aspects offered by Mywe is the ability to create templates, which can be used to work around repetitive tasks. To better differentiate between these templates, you can create categories and store them separately, depending on their purpose and function. In addition, they can be designed as plain text documents, or you can opt to use Microsoft Word in their creation.

Moreover, the application includes text formatting options, which allow you to quickly bring any number of modifications to your documents, regarding alignment, columns and line properties. The clipboard can also be enhanced with additional features and you can keep website bookmarks at a mouse click away, as well as application shortcuts and favorite folders.

An all-around desktop enhancer

Despite the fact that it may take a while before you get used to the new functionality options, Mywe does manage to encompass everything you could need to increase your productivity and optimize your workspace. In addition, the overlaying menus are highly intuitive and easy-to-use, which makes it simple for anyone to get the hang of the application in a short time span.

Mywe was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 26th, 2014
Mywe - The application overlays a multicolored bar on your desktop to hold the menu entries, as well as a small toolbar to help you quickly reach its features.Mywe - You can create new categories and templates, as well as edit them and use Microsoft Word to format the text.Mywe - The editor enables you to modify the word list, as well as change the structure and open template files.Mywe - screenshot #4Mywe - screenshot #5Mywe - screenshot #6Mywe - screenshot #7Mywe - screenshot #8Mywe - screenshot #9Mywe - screenshot #10Mywe - screenshot #11

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