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A simple and easy to use application in the shape of an animated koala bear that will constantly move around your desktop screen

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Oska Deskmate is a lightweight and fun piece of software created to serve as a companion for you when you need to work long hours in front of the computer.

A fun Koala bear interface

The utility requires a quick and uneventful installation process, after which you can launch it from the desktop shortcut and begin enjoying its presence.

Oska Deskmate consists of a small koala bear animation that moves all over your screen, jumping, tumbling and tripping to get your attention. From the context menu, certain display preferences can be adjusted.

A companion for your desktop

When ignored, the character can sit quietly, without moving, in the center of your window, while when you hover with your mouse cursor around it, it will start jumping or displaying various facial expressions.

For instance if you drag the koala bear too abruptly, it will fall down, causing it to display a grimase. Some other available actions feature the character taking walks on the edges of your screen, lowering itself with a parachute from the top of the desktop to the bottom, running and snowboarding, or jumping from one part to another.

The various animations are displayed in a random order and you cannot decide how or when a certain one should appear. However, you have the possibility of setting it ‘In Front’ after several different intervals, namely ‘1 Min’, ‘3 Min’, ‘5 Min’, ‘10 Min’ or ‘Never’.

Entertaining koala animation

To conclude, Oska Deskmate is a fun and easy to handle application which you can use to add a bit of movement to your screen, enabling you to distract yourself from time to time, particularly during long sits in front of your PC.

Oska Deskmate was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 19th, 2014
Oska Deskmate - This is the animated character Oska Deskmate enhances your desktop with.Oska Deskmate - From the system tray shortcut of Oska Deskmate you can adjust the time interval for the application to come to front.

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