PC Pranks

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Useful to scare your friends, parents or coworkers with crazy jokes




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PC Pranks helps you to scare your friends, parents or coworkers. This realistic program simulates over 2 dozen system errors, crashes and jokes. With PC Pranks you can simulate anything from a blue screen of death, a window that runs away from the mouse, a mouse that moves all by itself, a fake online purchase, system crashes, crazy desktop effects and more. PC Pranks is a harmless program that is made to scare PC owners.


■ Only a limited number of pranks will work
Last updated on September 28th, 2006
PC Pranks - This window represents a simulated prank activated by the applicationPC Pranks - With this prank you will able to surprise anyone that comes and play with your computerPC Pranks - A fake alert that an unknown virus exists inside your operating system

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