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A lightweight application that can extend the functionality of your taskbar by enabling it to support more program shortcuts than it originally does

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PanelLauncher is a useful and lightweight application that enables you to quickly access a wide number of programs, by creating and storing several shortcuts. In other words, it can help you extend the taskbar’s capacity of hosting program shortcuts.

More space

PanelLauncher automatically pins itself to the taskbar, in order to offer you a short path to accessing multiple other programs. It enables you to organize your shortcuts, in order to avoid over-crowding your taskbar, while still having your favorite applications close at hand.

All you need to do is add the desired program to PanelLauncher, by specifying its path, and optionally its name, and a combination of hot keys, in order to call it up immediately. It means that, once you associate a software with a key combination, you do not even need to open PanelLauncher and look it up amongst the other icons.

Organized icons

Once added to PanelLauncher, an application can be accessed with a simple click, as if it were pinned to the taskbar itself. Right click on an icon prompts a context menu that enables you to run the program as administrator or remove it from the list.

All icons can be arranged inside PanelLauncher, in a way that you find convenient, or according to frequency of use.

Easy access

You can enable or disable the program’s capability of supporting hot keys, from the Settings menu. Also, the software can be set to upload user data as well as to open at Windows start up.


With a slim and neat looking interface, PanelLauncher is a suitable desktop management tool, designed to help you clean up your clogged taskbar and organize your shortcuts. Even more, the application can create easy access to your favorite programs, by assigning hot key combinations to each software, in order to instantly open it.

PanelLauncher was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 10th, 2014
PanelLauncher - PanelLauncher enables you to extend the functionality of your taskbar, by pinning several shortcuts to it.PanelLauncher - The application helps you extend the capacity of your taskbar, by pinning more shortcuts than originally supported.PanelLauncher - All you need to do is insert the program's path and name then PanelLauncher automatically creates a new shortcut.PanelLauncher - screenshot #4

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