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A simple and useful application that enables you to place colored reminders on your desktop and set alarms, in order to remember important events

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Post-it application is a simple and reliable reminder system, that enables you to set colorful notes on your screen, so you can easily be reminded of important aspects. The software supports creating numerous post-its at the same time.

Customizable reminders

The post-its can be resized according to the length of your text, with no limits concerning their size. However, once you have enlarged them, you may not restore them to a smaller size. Other than that, you may choose the background color to any tinge you wish. The text color is fixed to black, so a dark background hue may render it difficult to read.

The post-its remain on your desktop, unless you choose to hide them completely. You may view the entire message or switch to minimized view, in which case only the title bar of the post-it is visible.

Thoughtful memo notes

Thanks to the adjustable size of the post-it, you can enter as much text as you like, in a reminder and read it all without needing to scroll down. Right click on the post-it and select the Edit function. The area becomes editable, so that you may paste or type words and phrases.

Pressing the Enter key automatically saves your memo, so in order to jump to another line, you need to press the Shift+Enter hey combination. Additionally, the font, size and color for the text are fixed.

Recurring alarms

An alarm can be assigned to each post-it, individually. You can set the alarm to ring once, at the specified time or repeatedly, every few minutes, hours or days. Each alarm is set to ring, by default, but you may opt for mute notifications, that are prompted at the desired time.


Post-it application offers you a simple and lightweight method of setting reminders for yourself and display them on your desktop, in order to prevent important aspects from slipping your mind. You may set multiple screen post-its, each with a different color, in order to view them easily. Write a message to help yourself remember an event or set an alarm that notifies you of an important aspect.

Post-it application was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
Post-it application - Post-it application enables you to create simple, yet useful reminders that remain on your desktop.Post-it application - You can create multiple reminders and place them anywhere on your desktop as icons or notes.Post-it application - The software features an alarm function, that you can set to notify you at a certain moment, or repeatedly.