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A compact an lightweight application that enables you to overlay any color on top of your desktop screen and set the desired opacity

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Bright screens and flashing images can cause trouble for people who suffer from epilepsy, especially if they are not warned about them beforehand and do not take the required precautions.

To work around this problem, you can make use of a software utility that overlays a certain color on your desktop screen, which can prevent increased brightness levels.

Choose the desired color and control the opacity level

ScreenOverlay is an application that enables you to apply a solid color overlay on top of your screen image and reduce the undesired effects caused by high levels of brightness and flashing lights. You can choose any color you want by using your mouse to pick a shade from the available spectrum, or by directly adding the RGB values into the provided fields. The hue, saturation and luminosity can also be controlled to obtain the desired color.

After you successfully finish adjusting the preferred shade and apply the changes, your screen is tinted with the chosen color. If you find it too hard to distinguish text or any other type of content on your desktop, ScreenOverlay enables you to control the opacity level and adjust the amount of color used for the overlay effect.

Maintain the overlay in any application and during multimedia playback

One of the main advantages of the application is its ability to maintain the color overlay on top of any application and even during video content playback. That way, even if your program has to be run in fullscreen mode, such is the case for video games or movies, you can still keep yourself protected from unsafe levels of brightness.

The fact that the effect is preserved in the screenshots as well can be a bit of a disadvantage, since you may not want to use them with the activated overlay on your personal website, or send them to your friends. But you can easily change the opacity level to get around this small problem, or switch to a less visible color shade.

In conclusion

Overall, ScreenOverlay is a handy and useful utility, especially for those of you who suffer from epilepsy and have to protect your eyes from any type of high brightness levels, but it can also be used by everyone who needs to protect their eyes.

ScreenOverlay was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 14th, 2014
ScreenOverlay - You can select the overlay color and adjust the opacity level from the main window of the application.ScreenOverlay - The Colour window enables you to choose the preferred color using your mouse, or by entering the RGB values.ScreenOverlay - The color overlay covers your whole screen and affects every application that is currently running.

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