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This is a software application that allows people to add one or several cute mascots that freely wander and play on your desktop

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Shimenji-ee, also known as Shimenji English Enhanced, is a fun software program that enables users to add one or several silly characters to their screen that play around and wander.

The interface of the program is minimal and highly intuitive, seeing that all you have to do is choose a mascot out of the ones that are provided and then just click the ‘Use’ button. Any type of person, no matter how inexperienced they might be, is able to find their way around the app and surround themselves with cute companions.

There is no limit to how many of these small characters a user can add, and therefore, you have the possibility of covering your desktop with cuteness.

All the actions of the minions are defined with the help of XML files, and the images (animations) can be changed, both of which make this program highly customizable.

If you right click on a mascot, a context menu appears that contains several options such as ‘Another One!’, ‘Bye Bye!’, ‘Follow Mouse!’, ‘Reduce to One!’, ‘Restore IE’ and so on. From here you can also change the behavior of your little munchkins, like making them climb along the ceiling, jump from left edge, walk left and sit, and the list goes on and on.

All in all, Shimenji-ee is a very adorable and fun piece of software that displays one or more mascots on your desktop.

Shimeji-ee was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 16th, 2013
Shimeji-ee - Shimeji-ee will provide users with a desktop mascot that freely wanders and plays around the screenShimeji-ee - Users will be able to add as many companions they want to liven up their desktopShimeji-ee - The right click menu will offer a list of options like Another One!, Follow Mouse! or Behaviors

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