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A straightforward software application that will quickly change the welcome screen of your Windows XP into the one of Windows Vista

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Smart Logon represents a small TTF package designed to change the look of Windows. In other words, this tool is capable of replacing the Windows XP welcome screen with the one found in Windows Vista, thus mimicking its appearance.

The utility is automatically installed in the Windows "Fonts" folder as soon as you run the executable file. There is no dialog at the end of the process to inform you of the task's success or failure, but you can restart the computer to view the changes.

Smart Logon serves its purpose smoothly. However, we have noticed that the computer's overall performance slowed down immediately after installing this TTF pack, and Windows startup time was affected as well.

Unfortunately, Smart Logon is not equipped with a graphical interface to help you configure settings, or to at least remove the TTF from the system. In order to roll back all adjustments, you have to go to the Windows "Fonts" directory and delete the "Segoe UI" files (there should be four, in total).

Smart Logon has never been updated and will most likely never be. If you're still a Windows XP user, feel free to test the app for yourself, while keeping in mind that you could inadvertently decrease the machine's response time in the process.

Smart Logon was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 20th, 2013

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