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A simple to use application that enables you to create sticky notes and place them on your desktop, in order to act as reminders

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Desktop Notes is a small and reliable software that enables you to create reminder notes, then place them on your desktop. The software allows you to create as many notes as you wish and display them on the screen or hide them, so they do not distract you. You may easily copy, cut or paste text inside the notes.

Quick desktop reminder

With a smooth looking interface and easily operated functions, Desktop Notes is a suitable solution for moments when you need to create desktop reminders. Whether you wish to remind yourself of something important or leave a message for the next user who opens your computer, the sticky notes can be set to always stay on top of other windows.

You may create as many reminders as you wish, by simply clicking the “plus” symbol and adding a new note. Each small window features a different color, so you can tell them apart and features customizable transparency. Each note supports a large piece of text, since you can easily scroll up/down and read the message. Moreover, each Web address is automatically converted to a URL.

Customize reminders and keep them on your desktop

Each note you create supports individual settings regarding its layout. You can easily modify the color or the top bar, background and text, change the font style or size, even adjust the level of transparency. Since the note can remain on top of other windows, you can choose to make it see-through or opaque.

Unfortunately, you cannot reposition the note on your desktop. You can either hide it or view it in the spot where it was created. You can however, resize the note area, by dragging the edges on the length or width of the window.

View notes and remember important events

The software can start with Windows and run in the background, so you can be sure that while your computer is running the notes stay on your desktop. When several notes are hidden, you may easily change their status from the Note Manager, a function that lists all the notes you created. With the Manager, you may view the titles of each note, as well as add or remove reminders.

Desktop Notes was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on February 1st, 2015
Desktop Notes - Desktop Notes is a simple to use application that enables you to create sticky notes on your desktop, to act as reminders.Desktop Notes - You may easily create a new note, hide or delete the current one, cut, copy or paste text within the note you are viewing.Desktop Notes - You can create as many notes as you wish, with customizable background color, font type and size or transparency level.Desktop Notes - screenshot #4