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Hides the taskbar via a hotkey

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TaskBar Hider is a tiny app created to quickly hit the Windows Taskbar with the press of a button.

As most Windows users know by now, Microsoft’s operating system comes with a built-in utility to automatically hide the Taskbar, but TaskBar Hider promises to make everything a lot easier.

Once launched, the application places an icon in the Windows System Tray that lets you access the configuration screen.

Although it’s called a “configuration menu”, only two options actually available here in order to define the hotkey you wish to use to hide the Taskbar and to enable the app to launch with Windows.

Everything’s pretty intuitive and once you press the configured key shortcut, the Windows Taskbar is automatically hidden. Press it again to bring it back and you’re done.

Especially useful if you wish to get more space on your screen, TaskBar Hider doesn’t require any special computer skills and comes with no help section at all. Although it’s designed to run all the time in the Tray, it doesn’t affect system performance in any way and works smoothly on all Windows iterations on the market.

To sum up, TaskBar Hider is a very small utility that proves to be very handy when you’re trying to use all the space you can get on your screen. There are no unnecessary features, just the ones you need the most to quickly hide the Taskbar.

TaskBar Hider was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 13th, 2012
TaskBar Hider - TaskBar Hider is a hand and reliable utility designed to enable you to hide and show the Windows TaskBar panel by pressing a user-defined hotkey.

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